Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coloring Clothespins

While setting up my classroom, I've attempted several craft projects I found on Pinterest.  The newest one I attempted with relatively good success was coloring clothespins for my behavior management clip chart.

I did not have RIT dye, but knew you could use food coloring to dye the clothespins, so I did what anyone would do...I googled it!  You can click on the image above to find the directions I followed for this project.

I have several glass jars I've been saving for a project this fall.  I used those and then washed them out afterwards to use them later.  Glass jars work better because they don't stain, but you could use plastic containers if you don't mind.

The directions said to soak them for an hour, but I soaked them overnight, just in case!

This is what they looked like when the project was finished.  I used Neon food coloring, and the green did not take as well as I wanted it to.  Next year, I will definitely try this again, adding more drops of food coloring, and experimenting with mixing traditional colors with neon to make more fun colors.  I love all of the bright colors and shades Kaley Ann made!

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