Friday, November 22, 2013

Stuffed with Thankfulness!

Look at all of the things we did this week in preschool...


{1} The theme this week was, "We are Stuffed with Thankfulness!"  During small group, children chose what color paint they wanted to use for their handprint to create their turkey.  Then, they chose a different color/colors to paint their fingers for the turkey feathers.  They did very well painting their own hands and fingers for this open-ended art project.  They placed their handprints wherever they wanted, and it actually turned out better if they made the turkey body wider with more than one handprint.  Finally, they glued on the eyes, nose, waddle, beak, and feet.

{2}  During Centers, children got the opportunity to strut like a turkey during our Turkey Trot.  We painted one of their feet, and then put their footprint on a white piece of paper to use later.  Then, they strut across the paper, flapping their wings, and gobbling like a turkey.  And again, after their footprint was dry, they created a turkey using feathers, eyes, a beak, waddle, and feet.
{3} For another small group (we do one small group a day, so they go to all of the small groups by the end of the week), students drew a picture of a turkey on a paper, and they named the turkey.  We wrote the name of the turkey on the bag (for example, Mr. Tom or Tom the Turkey), and they had to think of things that started with the same beginning sound.  They drew the picture of the animal, food, or object on a small white piece of paper (i.e. T says /t/ = train, tooth, turtle), and put the picture in the bag.  Then, children shared the name of their turkey and what they were able to come up with to put in their bag that started with each sound.
{4} One of the things we have been working on is making patterns.  We have used linking cubes, gears & plates, letters, buttons, and objects we use to sort.  Earlier in the week, I was working on making patterns out of linking cubes with one of my students, who began making a tall tower out of them.  He stood the tower up on the table, then let it fall off onto the floor, and it broke apart.  Though he wasn't making a pattern out of the blocks, he was engaged and discovered something new he could do with them. 
The following day, I noticed the same child was making a tower out of the linking cubes, and it was longer than the table.  Seizing a teaching opportunity, we attempted to stand the tower up and it fell apart.  This started a frenzy of children helping us to build the tower taller and taller until it almost reached the ceiling.  Then, we all counted to three and let go of the tower, watching it fall to the floor.  The linking cubes being made out of plastic, some fell apart, and some of them bounced!!!  This was an activity that started with a math concept and turned into an activity about discovery, and working as a team to make something together.  I was amazed at how well all of the students worked together, and the critical thinking that was taking place to solve problems and create solutions during this activity.  :)

{5} Previously, I posted about our color songs we sing each week, which you can view here.  We learn a new song each week, along with the sign language for the color word.  I print out the words to each song, along with real pictures of the items mentioned in the song (i.e. a fire truck and stop sign for red).  If you would like the words for each color song, click on each color below to access the song on YouTube:
I was unable to find the green song on YouTube, as it looks like the video has been deleted.  So, I provided you with the words!
To the tune of: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
G - r - e - e - n
G - r - e - e - n
I know how to spell green
G - r - e - e - n
Caterpillars are green
And grasshoppers too.
I know how to spell green
G - r - e - e - n
This week, I put all of the other color posters in the Book Corner for students to practice reading with a pointer.  The children were interested in reading the posters, but they were too tall to fit on the Big Book easel, and children were having trouble standing them up so they could read the words.  Today, we placed them along the wall to encourage them to continue practicing tracking print, and to gain more confidence that they are readers!
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  1. Aww.. I just LOVE all of your activities! I've always thought teaching pre-school would be so much fun!! Love your little blog :)

    First Grade Fairytales

    1. Thank you! They definitely come up with some creative ways to use materials, and I can honestly say it's a joy to go to work every day!

  2. Hi! Just started following you. Found you on the linky. Don't you love the "improv" of teaching pre-school! I teach in my home daycare and love when I find teachable moments and moments of discovery with the random things kids are doing!

  3. Looks like you have such a fun week! Glad I found you- I'm your newest follower.
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After