Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Must-Read Monday...on Wednesday!

One of the blogs I am following introduced me to a new linky and a new blog from Teaching Maddeness.

I'm a few days late, but since I just discovered it, I think I can be excused!!!  The thing I LOVE about this idea is that I get the opportunity to hear about books I may not have ever heard of, or get new ideas of activities I can do for some of my favorite books.  Some books are also great to read just for the fun of it!

Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin, is one of the books I read this week, and is simply a book you can read for good, clean F-U-N!  Yes, I said fun...and we have plenty of it in preschool.  The kids could not stop laughing!  Doreen Cronin is also the author of these favorite children's books:

To go along with the story Diary of a Worm, and the theme we've been discussing about the signs of Spring (rain, rainbows, insects, and caterpillars, clouds, wind, etc.), my kids made worms at the Art Center this week.  We talked about what colors worms are and what color the grass is.  Then, I told them they could make their worms and the grass whatever color they wanted.

I believe art projects turn out WAY more creative this way, and I'm not a fan of cookie cutter art where everyone's product looks exactly the same.  (The grass was made with forks dipped in to paint to create the individual blades of grass.)

To get more ideas for read aloud and activities you can do with your class, visit Teaching Maddeness to check out the linky!

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