Thursday, July 25, 2013

File Folder Pocket Chart

My goal this year is to be super organized and keep my desk clear of clutter (a girl can hope right?)!  After creating labels for magazine files to organize some of the materials I use often in my classroom, I wanted to create my own pocket chart to store class lists and things I need to file away for future use.  Who needs to spend way too much money on buying a pocket chart when you could make one in about an hour?!

For this project, I used 3 file folders, cardstock, zebra scrapbook paper (I purchased a single sheet for $.50), puffy letters and jungle stickers from JoAnn Fabrics, and zebra stripe duct tape.  I didn't have colored file folders and didn't want to spend $20 on 100 of them just to use 3, so I glued colored cardstock to the front of the folders to make them a little more colorful.  You could use scrapbook paper or duct tape (they have superhero duct tape!) to create just about any design to match your classroom theme, and this project was so easy to do once I could figure out how to glue the folders together.

The directions on how to complete this project can be found on The Silver Lining.  My tip: flip the folders around backwards and nest the folders inside of one another so the back of the folders will be the front of your pocket chart when you are finished.  It was easier for me to visualize how to put the folders together this way!  Now I can finally say I made something from Pinterest that I have been pinning for the past year!

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