Sunday, August 4, 2013


I can't believe it is the beginning of August already...that means six weeks before B2S!!!  Yikes!  Why six weeks you say?  I'm a preschool teacher, which means I have two extra weeks to get things together for my classroom before I am invaded by children.  Yes, some of that time will be spent doing home visits and professional development, but having extra hands from my teacher assistant means EVERYTHING!

I am excited to start being a part of a linky party with Farley, which means I can post an item from TpT that I LOVE at the beginning of each month.  So, here's my Currently for August:

This is the first year in four years of teaching that I know more than two weeks before the beginning of the school year that I have a job.  So, I actually have time to organize in my brain what my classroom will look like, think about procedures, and lesson plan before the school year starts.  I am getting a little overwhelmed with all of the ideas running through my head, and can't wait to start designing my classroom!

I have already posted some ideas I have adapted from Pinterest in previous posts, and there will definitely be more to come once I am finished decorating my classroom.  So, let's jump down to B2S must haves:

1)  Magazine Files - This is my attempt to organize all of the papers I will use on a daily/weekly basis.  My goal this year is to be more organized so I don't spend the first two months of the school year trying to figure out where I put everything!

2)  New SHOES - Every year I go through my closet, throw out the clothes I have exhausted throughout the previous school year, and spend a few hundred dollars on new work clothes!  This is my gift to myself to "feel" like this year is going to be the best yet.  

3)  Teacher Toolbox - I have seen these all over Pinterest and just HAVE to have one!  This is the must-have that I have yet to get, but I have already found the labels I am going to use once I get the toolbox.  My classroom will be a jungle theme this year, so I decided to go with these from Hedrich's Hive:

Click here for the link
I can't wait to get them printed out so I can find everything I need in one place without having to spend forever digging through my desk drawers!


  1. Hopping over from the Currently Linky!
    I love the toolbox idea too- Organization is definitely an area I need to concentrate on. I said that a must have was new shoes, too! I'm CURRENTLY in LOVE with Crocs flats. Seriously. Check them out!
    Good luck with the start of your school year! I bet you're glad to have this time to plan!
    P.S. I saw and loved this Meet the Teacher Night gift on Pinterest, but I'm not doing a jungle theme: Maybe you can use it!

  2. I love my teacher toolbox too! It helps organize!

    I feel you on Pinterest. I have a long list of projects but don't have enough time to do all of them!

  3. I love the labels for your teacher toolkit! I made a toolkit this summer too :)
    I want to support teachers and their great new blogs! I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can check out the details here!
    Looking forward to reading more from you! Have a great end-of-summer!
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