Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Classroom Digs & Organizing for Instruction

*** Classroom Digs ***

I spent almost all day yesterday trying to figure out how to get pictures of my classroom off of my phone, and I guess since it's not a smartphone, it is completely impossible!

In any case, I went into my classroom today to get a few more things done and take some pictures with my digital camera (which is probably for the best anyway!).  My first day of school with students isn't until September 16th and I have a new classroom this year, so I'm still working on the organization part.  But, I wanted to do the fun stuff first---YAY decorating---so here goes...

Welcome to my Jungle themed classroom!

View from the front door

Word wall - Pardon all of the books.  I have to wait for my bookshelf to be moved in.  The word wall letters are from Teaching Joy.

Writing center - The bulletin board to the left will have examples of things they can write about, such as fact books, recipes, grocery lists, ABC books, etc.

Book Corner - I separated a giant bulletin board into two smaller ones; one to place pictures of students reading, and the other for student work.  I had TONS of bananas left over from bulletin board sets I had purchased, and so I used them to make the word Bananas in "Bananas for Books."  It says "Spotted:  Great Work" above the other half.

A view of the other half of my classroom from the door.  I love all of the cubbies of materials with real life labels.

This bulletin board will be used to display student art.  The middle of the bulletin board will be used for a seasonal art display.  Work that students create at the art center will be displayed around the outside.  To create the animals:
1.  I hot glued clothespins to thumb tacks to hold up the artwork.  
2.  Since I didn't like the look of a plain clothespin, I glued on a jungle themed animal cutout to make them look more attractive.  
3.  The animals at the bottom are hot glued to a clothespin and then glued to the wall.
Tip:  Glue the thumbtack high up on the clothespin.  I discovered when I glued it lower, the animal tipped upside down! You can also use sticky tack instead if hot glue pulls the paint off of the walls. :)

This is my morning meeting area.  Everything is low so my students can access everything for the Read Around the Room center.

The area to the left is my Information HUT board to display  information parents may need to know.

I placed paper on the cabinet to the right, where I have my Jungle Behavior chart with chevron from Teaching Joys

Next to the chart it says, "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Look who's HANGING OUT in our room!"  Here, I will place pictures of my students to display all year.

*** NOW Teach: Organizing for Instruction ***

The only organizational tip I could think of that some people may not have thought of was how I store my bulletin board posters and supplies.  When thinking about how I would pack up my room this year, I happened to look over and there it was: an "under the bed" box and it was empty!  I love that it has wheels and can easily be moved from place to place.  It stores a lot of items, and you can't see it very well in the picture, but the handles clip around the top so the lid doesn't fall off when you pick it up.  It is so much easier to carry this around than those giant, heavy storage bins!

Thanks for viewing my classroom.  Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to check out how other teachers get organized!

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